Learning Conversational Spanish

I have always been interested in learning other cultures and languages. I’m most interested in learning the Spanish way of life. Coming from where I came from, however, learning Spanish is difficult. Learning the literal meaning of each word is one thing, and applying them in day-to-day interaction with the acceptable construct and usage seems to take most of my time for learning.

Trials and Errors

I never tried it with a human mentor not only because language tutorial is expensive but because I want to learn in my own time, space and convenience. Online language tutorial never work on me because online tutorial can’t adapt to my preference, and I can’t adapt to its programs as well. For me, these avenues don’t give me the results I wanted.

I also turned to books and self-help learning materials to help me learn my Spanish. It gives me more flexibility in terms of choosing the topic I want to study in a certain place and time. But like tutorials, books seem to eat up most of my time, and I can’t do anything when I’m reading. Cross-referencing with a Spanish-English dictionary is difficult, and reading in low light with small texts can give me a literal headache.

Advantages of Spanish E-Book Guide

A friend advised me to buy some Spanish e-book available online. At first, I was hesitant to shell out money because like any other new online buyers, I find it difficult to trust internet deals especially on tech-based products. Who knows if the files are empty, or worse, they contain virus? When I found out that many e-books available online offers money back guarantee, however, I was enticed to buy one.

Boy did I really miss something! E-books offer all things that I want and more. With e-books hyperlinks, I can swiftly shift to dictionaries that I can never do with conventional hard-bound or paperback books. I can also activate backlight and text sizes, so I can read even in bed when all lights are off. These added bonuses allowed me to study more often without compromising my work and home routines.

Now I can safely say that I can go through a day’s worth of shopping in Madrid and come home safely knowing I can say what I want, I will understand what they say, and I can find directions to wherever I’m going. By using my e-book, I was able to better understand another language, another culture and another world.

I have read some e-books to help me learn my Spanish, and I have made reviews on them as well. Feel free to read them to help you find the book that suits your needs and your preferences. I also encourage everyone to send in their reviews as well.