Learning Spanish Like Crazy Review

I used to attend Spanish classes as an immigrant here in one of the local schools in the US. The area where we live in is inhabited by many whose roots were Hispanic in origin. It is but natural for me to get interested in learning another language so I could better communicate with other people here. Unfortunately, I dropped out of the Spanish class for want of something better. It’s hard to get personalized teaching in such settings. Besides, the lessons were too bookish for me and I wanted something more stimulating that what the classes offered.

The Internet has provided several options and each one seemed like it was not working for me. I still have trouble retaining what I read from these ebooks until I came across Learning Spanish Like Crazy. I felt that the online lessons provided me a way to learn Spanish in a structured manner without making it too difficult for a non-native speaker like me to grasp fully. I had doubts about their advertisement that said the lessons were created by college-educated Latin Americans but now I know better. The online lessons are not too formal that it takes too much of the fun from learning the language.

The online lessons put a premium on listening and speaking which is how I prefer the lessons to be. It’s good to be able to speak the language in a fluent manner but carrying on a conversation in Spanish requires active listening too. And here is how Learning Spanish Like Crazy helped me. If you keep going at it, you will soon find that listening to spoken Spanish becomes easier and requires less effort as time goes by.

A few individuals may find the methods of Learning Spanish Like Crazy a bit theoretical in a few portions of the lessons but it does drive the point, if you ask me. Overall, I would recommend this to many of my friends and colleagues. Sure beats going around a haystack of purportedly good ebooks when they hardly help at all. You will certainly find a lot of options over the Internet and you would be hard put to make a good choice.

If you’re ready for the next level, you can also go for Nivel Dos to further your learning. Two years’ worth of work from the team of Learning Spanish Like Crazy came with this so you are assured of very good learning. There are a couple of some minor English mispronounciations but hey, this is a lesson in Spanish anyway.

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Learning Spanish Like Crazy reviewed by Anthony Lee