Rocket Spanish Review

I never thought learning the Spanish language at my age could be such a breeze! I have met some good friends who hail from Spanish-speaking countries. At the onset, it was a struggle for them to speak English but we got by with sign languages for the most part. Eventually they got more conversational in English so the friendship continued to strengthen over time.

In one of my conversations with them, I shared the desire to travel other countries as part my vacation plans for my family that year. Then, they suggested I visit Spain for a change to which I readily agreed with. I thought it would be nice to get to know other cultures and explore new worlds. You see, I am not really an outdoorsy type of person so I hardly gave this suggestion on previous occasions, careful consideration…..until that time.

In preparation for this trip, I bought a book that teaches Spanish at the local bookstore. I got bored of the book and struggled to recall what I read over time. Suddenly, the planned trip became worrisome for me. I was thinking of the difficulty of conversing with the natives and I thought to myself what a struggle it would be to just get directions to places. I was almost ready to give up when my daughter recommended Rocket Spanish while researching over the Internet.

With only a little over two weeks left to go before our planned vacation, I was surprised to find myself getting better at doing small talk with my Spanish neighbors. The program comes with written sections but I particularly liked the audio part of the course. It is so interactive that you feel that the voices of Amy and Mauricio became the best Spanish tutors for me. If you don’t believe what I’m saying, you can try the free 6 day course first to see for yourself how effective their methods are in helping you learn Spanish quickly and with such fun.

The trip to Spain was a great experience. It was my first time out of the US and I felt comfortable going around the area knowing that I can ask for directions and understand the natives when they respond to me. Rocket Spanish sure beats all other classroom learning or even private tutoring you would ever get. With them, I got to acquire another language at rocket speed despite what people say about learning another language during middle age. Rocket Spanish is pure genius, an excellent resource for everyone.

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Rocket Spanish reviewed by Walter Anderson