Shortcut to Spanish Review

It won’t be the first time that I would get duped into purchasing a Spanish ebook on language lessons but I would like to share my experience with you with Marcus Santamaria’s Shortcut to Spanish. Hopefully, you won’t make the mistake I did.

My fiancée and I already planned on meeting with my would-be in laws who happen to be Latin Americans. In an attempt to impress them as well as my fiancée, I decided to get a crash course on Spanish communication skills. A friend advised me to go online to check on a few of them and initially had the impression that I’m getting a steal with Shortcut to Spanish for a little less than $20. I looked at the numerous reviews on their websites and got impressed with the multiple testimonials on the web claiming this was a good ebook for beginners like me. I was totally wrong.

Similar to many more other ebooks on Spanish communication know-how, it came with an action guide which lists commonly used words in the Spanish language which totaled to over 2,000 all in all. The lessons hinged on mnemonics on Spanish words that teaches you basic Spanish words that supposedly you will find most useful in daily Spanish conversations. There is also the audio lesson where you could repeat words after the speaker for actual practice. It also came with mnemonic flashcards for the same purpose. Admittedly, the package does appear to look good. However, I found very little use for this in real-time Spanish conversations simply because I failed to put them all together in coherent sentence forms.

I thought I was all set with the –ico stuff and other mnemonics but stopped myself in time from making a fool of myself in front of everyone else. I could not carry on a good Spanish conversation with anyone. At most, I could interject what I thought was a Spanish word or phrase that seemed appropriate for the conversation but straight Spanish? Absolutely not.

I caution you against similar ebooks which appear to offer Spanish lessons for small fees but very little rewards. Although it came with a money back guarantee, I knew I wasted a good amount of time and energy reading their ebook and listening to audio tapes that I found very little use in actual Spanish conversations. I couldn’t even do small talk in complete Spanish. What a total waste.

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Shortcut to Spanish reviewed by Patrick Perez