Spanish Language Speed Learning Course Review

You will not be the first person to ever encounter a need to study Spanish. I did and paid dearly in terms of effort and time for choosing the wrong ebook that advertised learning Spanish in no more than 12 days. That is the advertisement that you would see once you go online and check on the ebook Spanish Language Speed Learning Course by Brian Adams. I’m amazed that some people have the nerve to make such claims on their publication when it hardly helps in that direction.

Let me take you back to a month before today when I go the news that my Dad was reassigned to another country as part of his promotion to managerial role in a new office they were going to put up in Costa Rica. The family was real excited for the move. In some ways, move is tough because of the attendant pain of saying goodbye to friends and schoolmates you’ve gotten attached to but our family is pretty tight so when my father decided to accept the new job offer, we were all in agreement that this was going to be good for the family.

So, my sister and I did not lose time in googling various e-learnings on learning how to speak Spanish quickly and we thought this was going to be a sweet deal. It was only worth about $19 (a promotional offer that time) and the promise of learning the language quick was exactly what we need. But like many of the get rich quick schemes on the Internet, this one certainly fell under the same category. The stuff we got was pretty much useless in conversational Spanish.

Sure, it teaches you how each letter in the alphabet is pronounced in the Spanish language but that doesn’t help much in coming up with good usable Spanish sentences. The ebook was really lame. I mean, give me a Spanish newspaper and I can read what’s there. It may not be pronounced correctly but they will surely understand what I’m saying. The book kind of jumbled all the details and lumped them together as a course.

When my sister tried to practice what we got from this book, we felt lost and tentative with our words. Worse, when we tried asking our Latino schoolmates to speak to us in their native tongue, we were wondering half the time what they were saying. Can you just imagine how we felt had we been in Costa Rica already and we need to communicate with the people there? Don’t waste your time, move on to a better ebook.

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Spanish Language Speed Learning Course reviewed by Sharon Anderson