Synergy Spanish Review

My job requires me to move from one office site to another from time to time. At one point, I had to go to our office located in the Dominican Republic and my direct manager advised me to take up some Spanish classes to help me get started on my new assignment. I’m a person who thrives on challenges but I got stumped when I first stepped in the class. The pressure too was there since I knew I had to make good progress soon so I could effectively communicate with officemates as soon as I set up office in another country.

I knew I was struggling with the classes and it was taking its toll on me so I had to make a quick decision on what I need to do. I decided to check online for supplemental Spanish learning and I learned about Synergy Spanish pretty quick. I decided to sign up for the free Spanish training offered by Spanish Synergy which uses ebook, some flashcards with audio lessons to boot. It also came with a newsletter which I used to practice reading not just to practice my pronunciation but more so for comprehension. After that, I decided to purchase the course for more serious learning.
It came with a money back guarantee so I went ahead as planned.

For a low price of $49.95, I got an action guide and audio lessons. Each lesson lasts for 10 minutes which can be burned on a CD or downloaded in my MP3 player so I could take them anywhere I go. On my way to class or whenever I drive, I play the CD in my car so I could learn Spanish faster. The ebook contained lessons which will walk you through Synergy patterns.

The ebook I ordered also mentioned about email support but I never really got the chance to checking it out for myself. Suffice to say, I’m satisfied with my progress on my Spanish communication skills since I started with Synergy Spanish. Honestly, the experience is more rewarding with the lessons I got from Synergy Spanish compared to the classes I signed up with. In addition, you can learn Spanish any time it’s convenient for you to run the CD. I could not help but notice some a few minor improvements for other types of learners but practice makes perfect. You get a lot of it with Synergy Spanish.

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Synergy Spanish reviewed by James Harris